Christmas in March ?!?

Xmas 3

I started making this quilt top in December.   I was hoping that I would have finished it before I headed to MN for Christmas.  As you can see it didn’t make it for the journey.


It’s mostly snowman fabric.  My sister really likes blue so I had this in mind for her.

2013 Christmas Quilt

I made this Christmas Quilt and raffled it off with the family the last day that I was there.  (That was really fun!)  I used it the whole time I was there to stay snuggled up and warm.  It’s been a really cold winter in MN this year with the polar vortex that’s been hitting the region – all winter long – They are so sick of it.   That’s my brother Brad and his daughter Dakota snuggling with it.  My sister Barb won it.

I guess I never posted the quilts that I took with me so here they are:

Swoon for Mom

Swoon for my mom = She just celebrated her 80th birthday in February!  It’s an 80 x 80 for her 80th.  (Clever – right)

Log Cabin for Brad

Log Cabin for Brad – Sorry for the dark photo

Snail's Trail for Thomas

Snail’s Trail for Thomas – Another dark photo 😦 – He has no idea how much work this was.  Although I know he loves it!

………….until next time…………..



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