hmmm – “A Quilt for Royality”

Tap – Tap – Tap – Is this thing on……
I read that on Rachel Griffin’s Blog I thought that was pretty funny. I completely relate. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve started a blog post and never got around to finishing the post. Either because I finished the project and moved on to another one and decided that it was no longer blog worthly so…. I decided to show you what I’ve been up to lately. T-Shirt Quilts.  I love the fact that my co-workers come into my office and give me a bag full of stuff. “Can you make me a quilt?”   Of course I can!  “What do you have?” as they spill the contents out.

  T-Shirt Quilt Meghan 1

This one had a three sashes.  So I used them down the middle of the columes.T-Shirt Quilt Meghan

Ms Faye called it “A Quilt for Royality” She had to try on all of the sashes and prance around the house with them on. – LOL –  Here is the completed quilt.

T-Shirt Quilt for Meghan

Meghan has received her quilt and loves it.  Her mom told me that she wants to frame it.  That makes me happy!

….until next time….


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One response to “hmmm – “A Quilt for Royality”

  1. You are so creative with your t shirt quilts! What a great idea, how you used the sashes :)

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