Sewing along a Snail’s Trail

I started working on a quilt for my nephew Thomas……

This is a quilt pattern that we received from one of the many quilt shop that participated in the MN Shop Hop…..Thomas was along for the ride a couple of summers ago and saw this quilt and really wanted it…..I’ve been collecting fabric to make this quilt for him for a couple of years now…..

Eight blocks down, 56 more to go….I wasn’t sure if I cut enough fabric so I thought I had better sew the four patches together to make sure that I had all 63 …..I didn’t….I cut exactly enough for half…..

I have since fixed that problem… I’m curious to see how I did on the rest of the patches

…..until next time….

Oh and if your wondering about the T-shirt quilt… I’ve finished it….. just trying to decide on the color for the binding



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2 responses to “Sewing along a Snail’s Trail

  1. hay Kristi hows the snails trail going

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