Happy Leap Day –

I could not let the day go by with out posting something……Just another day here…. I really don’t have anything to show but this is pretty cool….Arizona Historical Society is celebrating Arizona’s 100th Birthday and

Tucson is home to the world’s first quilt bomb. Check out the photos and video at http://maryvaneecke.com/2012/02/18/tucson-az-is-home-to-the-worlds-first-quilt-bomb/ 

I thought I’d post some pictures but this pretty much sums it up…….make sure you click on the YouTube video….you can tell the ladies sure had a fun time with this…… I’m not a part of their group but, I’m certainly a fan……I still have yet to go inside to see the quilts but, I will……..

………until next time……..


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the quilt bomb…we hope it catches on as a new trend in quilting….

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