SSCS – The results

Wow! look what I got!……..It’s perfect!


I’m sorry the season is over but, I’ll really get to enjoy it every Christmas Season…..Thanks so much to Thimbelina……I wanted to show you the tag that Thimbelina had made but, it turned out too blurry..(bummer maybe Thimbelina can show us the tag and tell us where she had them made, (hint – hint) there great) …I really need to have some made they are perfect for all your handmade gifts……..

Here is the gift that I sent to my swap partner Tracee……….



she loves her kitties and just as much as I love mine…..when I saw the fabric I knew I had to get it and make something for her with it…..It’s Purrrrrfect.

I want to give Thanks to Elf Chookyblue for hosting such a GREAT sawp…..she keeps us on tasks with gentle reminders throughout…….head on over to Chooky’s blog and take a look at all the great gifts that went flying across the globe……

……..until next time…….



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3 responses to “SSCS – The results

  1. You have got a lovely present and sent beautiful gifts. I love the SSCS.

  2. I’m so glad you love the gift I sent Kristi….It was lots of fun to make and I will have to get busy and make myself one eventually.
    The label you like so much came from an Etsy shop called Jennifers Jewells that you can find here: ….. My sister designed the logo for me and I’ve been meaning to do a post about them for ages….must get on to that! 🙂

  3. great gifts both sent and received in the swap………..thanks for being part of the SSCS 2011…………..sorry I am so late catching up here……….

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