Charm Square Quilt

Well while cleaning and cooking just a little bit this weekend, I made GREAT progress on the charm square quilt …..after sewing and squaring up ALL the blocks……


 and ironing…..I finally have something to show…..I made a few mistakes and had to un-sew a couple of times….and after taking this picture I see a few more places that I’m still going to have to do it again….ugh…

you see where the 2 white blocks are they should not be together….I have my 4 patch flipped…….I can’t believe that I didn’t notice it before now….while piecing it together I thought it didn’t seem right but, instead wemt a head and kept sewing…but, here it is….mistakes and all….I think sometimes it better to take a picture ahead of time to catch mistakes especially without a design wall…..

I guess you know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night…
…..until next time….



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3 responses to “Charm Square Quilt

  1. We all make constant this kind of mistakes and ignor the little voice in our head. But the quilt is going to be very lovely.

  2. love the colors and the design… pretty!!

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