Amish Friendship Bread

My friend Cassie gave me a starter last week…..I’ve been mashing the bag daily, and adding ingredients when needed….last-night was bake night…….and since it’s friendship bread after mixing in the extra ingredients you measure 4 – 1 cups of the dough into ziplock bags so I can give three away to my friends and keep one for yourself…….can I tell ya it was so worth it

It was really delicious…..especially warm from the oven….I felt a little guilty…everyone fell asleep last-night before it was done …….I had to taste it ….right…what’s a girl to do

It takes an hour to bake and makes 2 loaves …’ll be making bread every ten days…..while I was waiting for the bread to cook I went and worked on my latest quilt project…I’ve spent the last 2 nights sewing my fabric pieces together ….it took about an hour to cut all this fabric apart….

I have some free time this morning…so we’ll have to see how far I get today
…..until next time…..


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