A Quilt for “The Boss”

Moda's Pure by Van Os

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wonderful boss for the past 15 years….. He’s moving on to bigger and better things….. I couldn’t let him go (so to speak) without a piece of me to take with him….So I made him this quilt….We’ve become like family over the years…..and while I’m sad to see him go….I know that we will always stay friends…….

……..Here is a close up view of the quilting…. the pantograph is call Feather Me……

……boy am I really glad that I made two of these…..

…….until next time……



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2 responses to “A Quilt for “The Boss”

  1. He must´ve been a great boss! I´m sure he well treasure it and remember you every time he snuggles up. Great colors!

  2. ourlittlenest

    That’s awesome Kristi! I’m sure he loved it. PS we’ve been using the one that you made for me allllllllll summer!

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