Good Luck Gabby!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to go and see the memorial over at the hospital for the victims of the Jan. 8, shooting that rocked Tucson and the Nation…….We’ve been watching a lot of this on the news and Faye asked about going to see it, so I took her there…… she kept asking why this terrible day had to happen….I didn’t have a great answer but, I think she is okay knowing that the person responsible for this can’t hurt anyone else…….here are just a few pictures that I took…..

Here are a couple of quilts that have been placed there in memory of Phyllis Schneck ……for those that didn’t know…she was a quilter…..

the Mariachi’  have been playing every night…..I think……..

I really love this one “The forces that divide us are not as strong as those that unite us” ….That was taken from President Obama’s speech….which I thought was great…….

Tucson suffered a tremendous tragedy in lives lost and people injured on Jan. 8 – but we also had many heroes that day…..It’s a great day for Gabby today, as she is leaving the hospital and heading for rehabilitation  GOOD LUCK!!

…..until next time…….


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