FNSI – Results

Here is the panel that I got from the scrap bin at Walmart……it turned out really cute and Faye was still up by the time I finished it so she could model for us……It only took a couple of hour to complete…..I folded the edges over a 1/4″  with an iron and folded once more so the hems won’t unravel……..Looks like it might only fit her for this year though……she loved it so much she wanted to sleep in it…….I told her no she would get twisted up in it and that it was for making cookies not sleeping…….I placed it next to her bed on the night stand…….So this morning when she woke up an I went in her room……guess what she had in bed with her…….yup…..the apron…..It makes me happy when she loves something so much that I made her……….until next time……..



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2 responses to “FNSI – Results

  1. It is very very lovely. The bakery will be special for her.

  2. It’s gorgeous, as is the model.

    Isnt it fabulous when you make something that someone loves!

    Looks like had a wonderful FNSI. Thanks for inviting me to visit.

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