I’ve been trying to get this posted for a while now……So many thing have been going on……After Faye’s  birthday we were without power for 3 days at the house……After the electric company came they found we had 3 breaks in the line coming from the power pole….so they dug and dug and dug once more…they were out in the yard until 2 o’clock in the morning fixing the problem in the process they cut the phone line to the house so we were without the phone line for a week….so here are the pictures from my party……..Ya know it’s not everyday that a GIRL turns 50……

It all started with the guys digging us a new pit…….the old one just wouldn’t do…this is our friend Andy…(he thought he was digging his grave – ha ha – I thought he was digging mine)  You see the level Chris wanted to make sure it was perfect…….next I had to call a farmer to see about getting a pig….got one….had to have it butchered and our friend Wheels came to the rescue…….. we got it all cut up and ice down for a couple of days and then it was time for the bonfire…. we invited a few people over on Friday night and got the pit ready for the pots…….we wrap each piece of meat up in foil with various seasoning and then lower it into the pit the pots actually hover over the coals…….. we then place a cover over it and pile the dirt back over the top……the next day we uncover it and have the best most tender meat ever……it just falls off the bone….I didn’t get any pictures of taking it out or of the meat itself you’ll just have to take my word for it……I kept the menu simple beans, salad, chips, salsa, veggie trays…….the crew showed  and they even brought me presents……I got a leather hair holder, coffee mug, a gift certificate for quilters market, a bag full of fat quarter, pins, a book, and pattern w/a ruler, a pasta/salad bowl with roosters on it, a welcome rooster, oh and a few more things but, it was GREAT DAY  ……I won’t post to many picture here,  but you get the idea………until next time…….



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3 responses to “My BIG 50 PARTY

  1. Happy belated Birthday – looks like you had a wonderful day after the trouble with the power and being without a phone.

  2. You had a great party. But going 50 is of course special. Congratulations. I hope you electricity and phone stays god.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful party. Many more happy ones to you!

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