Make a Wish

Oh Boy we sure have had a busy couple of weeks around here…… all started with Faye’s 4th Birthday…… 

……..We celebrated her birthday with this cake that I made her on Friday night along with the gifts that we gave her at our house……I really was happy to have gotten this picture….. how perfect is it to see her cheeks pushed out and her eyes closed praying for her wish to come true….I sure hope it did…….

On Saturday we had a party for her at Peter Pipers Pizza with some of her classmates…….

Her teacher Miss Cindy came and the kids thought that was great….she gave her the Cinderella book

…….she got a few barbies,  more books, and the big gift was a new bike that she got that from her Papa Angel

(not sure what Xena is looking at but, she wouldn’t look my way when I took this picture) – I’d say she got a little spoiled

……..The kids all had a great time…..they have a roller coaster and a carousel inside ………….here is the cake we had for the party…..Faye picked it out for herself……The slippers are an ornament

until next time


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