Fall-O-Ween – Acorn Crisp

Well I got this started last night but not finished…….I think that it would have been helpful to have the clearly perfect angles tool that Kari designed but, since it was a smaller project I just drew lines down the center of my block ……where I got into trouble was when I was sewing the blocks together….I kept sewing the wrong sides together…..so my arrows didn’t go in the right direction….. I think I had to un-sew three times….it was really a bummer……I got a little mad at myself to begin with because the red fabric is not where I had planned it to be…..I wanted it to be where the lighter triangles are ……..it still looks good it ‘s just not in the right location…..(that’s what you get for not reading the direction and only skimming through them) 

I’m not too sure that I’m liking the fabric choices on the leaves…..I might have to change out the green one maybe a little darker green……I do like the choices of my acorns though..

and as you can see from the first picture inspector Tubby was on the job…….At least I didn’t have to shoo her off the top of my fabric ……..Let see if I can finish it tonight

…….until next time…….



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2 responses to “Fall-O-Ween – Acorn Crisp

  1. I like the colors you picked and so far the Acorn crisp turned out beautiful!

  2. I like this very much. You are working very fast.

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