Lori’s Quilt Update

I went ahead and cut new apple core sections…the little holes for the apple seeds didn’t quite line up perfectly but, close enough is good enough for me at this time……I can’t see the brown fabric showing through on them…..and that makes me happier about that …….Here is a little sneak peek of  the  quilt top…………this picture was taken before I fixed the apple cores…..so if you look close you can still see the brown fabric peeking through…..lesson learned

Since it’s October 1st……..here is a Halloween wall hanging that I have in the works……it still needs a spider web …..This was a free pattern from Sentimental Stitches last year, I just was trying to use up some scraps that I had….this is the link to the last post regarding the quilt,  if you look through the archives you’ll find the rest of the pattern…….. I’m still deciding if I want the cat to have eyes, or if this should be the back of the kitty………I think it could go either way…….don’t you……

…..until next time…..


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One response to “Lori’s Quilt Update

  1. Dakota and Brad

    Hey Aunt Kristi! I think you should give the kitty green/yellow eyes! That would be really cool!


    Hello Kristi, Its Brother Brad. I never thought I would be famous on you blog!
    We love and Miss you bye!

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