Honey I’m Home!!!

Well Faye and I made it back home……..it sure was nice to be gone……..but, it sure was good to be back home sleeping in our own beds……..Faye is a spinner while she sleeps and she really LOVES to sleep on MY pillow……….We had a really GREAT time and Faye loves Minnesota…….She loves it so much that on the way to daycare on Monday she suggested that when I pick her up that we should get Grandpa and all go back……She loves to sleep upstairs…….. oh….and Fluffy needs to come along too  She really had a great time…..on one of our outing we went to the Como Park Zoo……. they have a 1914 Carousel that we rode on….. it was beautiful

We also went to Lake Harriet… it’s just down the rode from my sister Barb’s house …… we rode the Lake Harriet Trolley and then headed over to the lake to listen to a band play….. the building that you see in the distance is the band shell

As you can tell they have a really large Yatch Club there (ha ha)

She also loved playing with her cousins

This is Jaycee and Genesis

She was a little afraid of my brother barn though

I guess it did look kind of creepy at night…… I kind of thought it had a happy face…she thought it had a big mouth waiting to eat her……and since we’re talking about my brother here is a picture of Brad and my sister Carol

We went to the big town of Wabaso they have a Bike night and Car show every other Tuesday

with a $7.00 burger bar …. The burgers are the size of your hand…..My sister and I split one

Well this is getting to be a long post so I’ll post a little more on the trip in a day or so

….until next time…….



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2 responses to “Honey I’m Home!!!

  1. It is nice to read you had such a wunderful trip. I like to read more about it. It seems to me that Faye looks older and taller. I am glad you have had a save trip. Now back to usual.

  2. Its good to hear that you guys had such a wonderful time at your sisters place. Really nice pictures – thanks for sharing.

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