Cathedral Window Quilt in Progress

Oh boy! Look what have I started …….and it’s  really addicting………I’m loving watching how it’s coming together…..I thought I would make this one as a practice piece since I never tried anything like this before…….I decided to use muslin and fabric scraps from my basket…………I’m not even sure what or how big I’ll make it…..the ideas are really going through my head now…….I thought this could be something that I could do while watching TV and hanging out with Faye so I can keep my eye on her while she’s playing…….It’s working so far…..pretty slow going but will definitely be worth it in the end…..

I’ve also been printing and stitching the blocks for the

Baby Blessing –  Block Of the Week.

I’m stitching both sets……I haven’t even looked at my fabric choices yet……but they sure are cute..cute..cute

…..until next time…..



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2 responses to “Cathedral Window Quilt in Progress

  1. Are these as complicated to make as they look? I always think they look lovely in quilts but haven’t been brave enough to try it out myself.

  2. Wow – the cathedral windows are looking awesome. With what ever you will end up with, it defently will be an eye catcher!!

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