Name that Puppy!

Meet the new Puppy ……….Black/Chocolate Lab mix……she weighs 9 pound and is 8weeks old ……..She doesn’t have a name yet……Nothing seems to fit just right…….I like Lola or Sophia……..Chris doesn’t like either of them……She likes to dig a lot so was thinking of Digger but, that sounds to much like a boy…… so I came up with Tilly,  short for a rotor tiller ……..any suggestions………my other Dog is Dexter

until next time…….

P.S. We named the Puppy – XENA

After Xena the Warrior Princess – She is the one that wore the black leather!



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2 responses to “Name that Puppy!

  1. I’ve learned in my house that a name is only the “first” name for our dogs and that eventually they end up with their “own” that is used just as frequently. We have Buddy Dog Collins, Sasha Baby Girl, Bitch Collins, and Jo-Jo Redneck, Stoner Collins and all names are completely appropriate!

    My suggestions for your “first” names for your consideration based off that beautiful face are:
    muchacha que cava – digging girl in Spanish
    ragazza di scavatura – digging girl in Italian
    zappatore – “digger” in Italian 🙂 Zappa for short!

  2. Dee

    We have a black lab with the name Tillie. Love her! I have always wanted a dog with the name Chelly. But I also want a little dog and name her Bobbin.

    Have fun with your new one!

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