Dakota's Purse

I managed to get finally get Dakota’s purse completed this weekend………The pattern is “A Tote – All Purse-O-Nalities by: Linda R. Rauld” ……...Dakota has been waiting for this since August……”sorry Chica”………When I was home this past summer Dakota was on the MN Shophop with me and picked out this pattern…….we found the polka dot fabric in a shop and then the search was on for a coordinating fabric ……we looked at quite a few shops for a fabric that would go with the blue polka dots…….we finally found the perfect fabric………It was a lot of fun………But, I’ll tell  ya ….I really struggled with the directions for the handles …….. I’m still not happy with the way they turned out …..I should have taken a picture……….maybe someone has a suggestion…….other than the handles the purse turned out great………now I have one to finish for my mom……until next time…….




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2 responses to “Finally……

  1. You win the crafty award…I’m crafty challenged and totally jealous of your skills 🙂

  2. Hi Kristi,

    You did an absolutely beautiful job with my pattern. I love your fabric choices and you did a great job of stitchin’.

    As for the handles – I do agree the method I used at the time is a bit difficult and takes some patience. I have tried several ways of attaching the handles to the exterior bag and found one that works well for me. When you are working on the exterior purse (joining the outside, fleece/batting, and lining with fabrics face-to-face) turn the top 1/4″ of each handle extension to the outside, pin, and sew it into place as you stitch along the sides. This way when you turn the exterior bag right side out, the tops of each handle extension will already be turned to the inside and stitched into place and you won’t have to fuss to try to push them back down. Make sure if you trim the fabric along the extensions, leave the 1/4″ seam allowance at the top openings intact so that when you do insert the handles, you can push the seam allowance back down into the inside of the handle extension and none of the raw edges or loose threads will be visible on the outside. Having the tops already turned in will make the insertion of the actual handles so much easier and it will look more professional.

    Another thing that may help with the handles “sitting” right is to make sure you clip along all curved areas (snip from the raw edge in to come close to the actual stitching lines without cutting the seams) every 1/2″ or so. This will relieve the top of the purse along the curved areas of the top front and back and allow those areas to flex and lay flat.

    And, another trick you can use is to cut each of the handle extensions approx. 2″ – 3″ longer and, instead of inserting the handles into the handle extensions, join them via regular metal D-rings or metal or plastic O-rings. Just fold the top of each extension over the rings and stitch in place and then stitch each end of the handles to each respective ring. These notions are now so popular that you’ll really be styling!

    So, that brings me to thank you for purchasing my pattern and thank you for making it look so very pretty. And, I put my address, e-mail address, and phone number on the pattern for a reason. I’ve taught many classes and I don’t mind answering questions. We all have different approaches and someone can read something one way and the next person will read the same thing and get a whole different meaning. I want people to enjoy my patterns and absolutely never struggle with them. I really enjoy hearing if they love the pattern but I also want to hear if they have problems and I can do something better in the future. My motto is “if you don’t tell me, I probably won’t guess it.”

    Again, thanks so much for the great job and feel free to contact me if you need help (and even if you don’t need help).

    You have a great blog and it was so much fun to read!

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