Day & Night

Day & Night

So here is the latest project that I’ve been playing around with……I really like the fact that there is no waste when cutting your pieces… start with three strips of fabric Day & Night 1

cut the desired amount of triangles needed Day & Night 2 after that you will have three piles of fabric…do you see that little pile at the top….. that is all that is wasted from your strip sets…… you can create three different blocks Day & Night 3

here is block one of the project Day & Night 4 and these are the two other blocks that you can create from the left over fabric…… basically get two projects out of one…..I’m making two table runners out of these…..I started on a smaller project 🙂 …I’ll post pictures when they are completed….until next time…..




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3 responses to “Day & Night

  1. This is really wonderfull.
    I learn patchwork in Japan and I don´t know your sistem, it´s so different…
    Hugs from Spain.
    Teresa Sako.

  2. This author always has really good ideas. I like this one.

  3. Hi, I love this pattern. It made me ordering it from Amazon. Can’t wait for it to get here.


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