The Perfect Quilt

1930's Spring Bloom Mini Quilt Swap

Uh oh…..I don’t have one…….do you? ……..I made this quilt for the Spring Blooms Quilt Swap……I was really loving it a lot………then things started happening…..Can you see the mistake……it right there in the corner bottom right…..I know it’s hardly noticeable right (wrong) at least that’s what all my friends have told me……..In fact I did not even notice it until it was quilted………..There is still one more problem but I can’t show you it has to do with the label on the back……(the person that this quilt is in the post hasn’t received it yet) I used a permanent  marker and the ink bleed so the label looks a little smeared….so what do you do now……..

My position has always been ~ if it’s going to make you crazy every time you look at the quilt, fix it.  Make a new piece, fix the existing one, do whatever is necessary to make it the way you want it to be.  But if it isn’t going to bother you, don’t worry about it.  It’s that simple.

I don’t even have a quilt that’s close to  being perfect.  Some are better ~ closer ~ than others but the truth is that every quilt I’ve ever made could have been better…….  Each had a flaw… or more honestly, more than a few… I’m hoping that…….Perfect dosen’t matter because the quilt was a gift from the heart…..until next time…….



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  1. Kristi, I received the quilt today and I think it is just darling! I love the colors and the 30’s fabrics. It is going to look so cute on my yellow sewing room wall! As much as I love swapping quilts, I’m always so nervous to send my finished product out. Like you, I can see all the details that aren’t quite perfect 🙂 I really like this one and I’m thrilled that it’s mine.

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