Dakota’s Quilt

I’ve started working on this quilt again……….d-quilt I’m adding applique flowers to most of the blocks …….I really like applique by machine and in the case I’m using the blanket stitch  dakotas-quilt to sew down these flowers…. I’m mathing the thread color to the fabric color ………most of the blocks have a flower on them dakotas-quilt-block……but, three of the blocks will have an inital on them

dakotas-quilt-d   I was looking for a font that I liked and choose this one but it wasn’t large enough so as you can tell I increased the size ………..It’s starting to come together ……..now the fun part begins ……….how am I going to quilt it……….I have a few ideas……

I was on the Great Fabric Round Up Shop Hop this weekend…….I need to take a few pictures and will share with you all the goodies that I got……..until next time……

437fddf551c145c9966f4519d0fce458P.S…….this is post 99 …….. we all know what that means……..giveaway time!!!



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3 responses to “Dakota’s Quilt

  1. This looks like it is going to be a fun quilt and a treasure for Dakota!

  2. Love the look of this quilt. What font did you use for your letter? Am tinking of a project that it could be spectacular with. Now see what you’ve done……you’ve inspired me. LOL


  3. Kristi,
    Thanks for taking the time to check which font you used for me and promising to let me know which one it is. I really appreciate it.
    You mentioned the hand print idea and where I purchased the kit. Yes, It was from Michaels. However while making it, the first step you had to mix a medium that was rather globby in appearance and that had set up too quickly to use, so I used playdoh to cast the hand print into. Of course, since we did that with one, we did the same thing with the other one we had to do too.

    The finished product was nice. I think it took about 12 light coats of paint to cover the colored bleeding effect of the playdoh, but I do love the smooth finish we were able to accomplish becasue of using it.

    Good Luck when you do it with your granddaughter. The memories shared and the patience and steps for a product learned are the beginning skills needed for future quilters! LOL.


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