The Rainbow Bridge


I had a pretty sad week my Little Chica was doing so good and then she took a turn for the worse.   She decided that she didn’t want to stand on her hind legs any more.  Her breathing became very labored and she developed a twitch.  My vet said that they were more signs from the distemper.  I really had to make a tough decision.  That decision was to let her go.  I’m crying right now as I write to let you all know.  I gave her a fighting chance and I did the best I could for her.




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2 responses to “The Rainbow Bridge

  1. Sindy

    It is so hard when we loose our little furry friends. You took Chica in and gave her love and security. She was safe and wanted. Your heart will mend, until then feel a {{{hug}}}.

  2. Chica’s life was much improved by your love and caring. I’m sure she loved you very much. May you always have sweet memories of her.

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