Kalachakra Mandala & Things

kalachakra-mandala They have been designing this mandala at the UA for about a month now.  It was finished on Friday.  I had been going over and watching him make this every couple of days.  It’s was amazing to watch him painting with sand and listening to the sounds of his tools. kalachakra-mandala1 This sand drawing represents a 3-dimensional palace of which every single detail has a symbolic meaning.  A mandala is a symbolic representation of many aspects of a specific tantra.  In the Kalachakra tantra, all elements of the mandala refer to the universe (outer Kalachakra), the body and mind (inner Kalachakra).   And to think that it is dismantled at the end.  They were going to give vials of sand for you to take home so you could use it to bless your house.  I didn’t come back on Sunday.

I have also had a few request to make a couple of items… that I’m happy to say have been completed on time …..my friends know me well and asked a month in advance (ha ha) ……..I was happy to do this embroidery bri-emb since I haven’t done any machine embroidery for a while…..I think it’s fun to watch the machine embroider,  it’s so fast……Here is the finished product briana-pillow My friend Jon saw the pillow that I made for my niece and asked if I could make another one but with Dora fabric… it’s for his daughters birthday…..it’s really cute ….and he loved it ……..While all that was happening I finished applying the binding on this baby blanket marco-polo I just absolutely love this blanket …… I used a veri-gated thread that I think added to the whimsy of the monkeys playing Marco Polo in the water……..I don’t really want to give it up

Onto my last news…….My Little Chica had taken an turn for the worst so I took her to see my vet Dr. Calahan on Thursday….she didn’t give me very good news….It seems that Chica has all the symptoms of distemper…. the head-bobbing  symptoms  maybe neurological…..she sent me home with antibiotics and is treating her for tick fever and wanted to de-worm her…..she was so bad on Friday that I thought I would have to put her down…I don’t think she liked all the new medicine she had to take…but, I tell you what she is a little survivor….she started eating really well on Saturday with a little help from Nutri-Cal….she ate 3 meals and has been on a steady 3 meals per day with or without  Nutri-Cal…..I have to get a urine sample to check to see if she is making any red blood cells she was only at 12 on Thursday and she should be at 20 or above…..I didn’t really think that getting her to pee in a cup (ha ha) would be a problem but it is….She is doing really well these last couple of days I can only hope that she continues…….My other problem is that she doesn’t like to drink water on her own…..that is a really big problem but she started to do kind of good these past couple of days……chica-food I think she may have even gained a pound or two…….until next time…….



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