Here is the begining of the design process for the next blanket.  I had this little train panto that I copied out of Quilting Dot to Dot.  I figured out just exactly how I wanted to space the design.  Then off to the to the sewing machine to get it all set up.  I was marking my start and stop locations and checking the spacing on the top to make sure that I had that all lined up just right.  All the while this going on my little quilting buddy “Tubby” is getting in the way and messing things up for me.  So the next thing I know she was gone and I kept wondering where she went to I peeked my head over to the other side of the machine and here she was just as happy as could be.  Not so happy was I having to get her down and the blanket all set up again.  But, in the end I won and the blanket was completed. I hope you can see the train quilted in this picture………..Oh and one other important note….Mr. Chris did the quilting of this blanket after I set it all up……….We’re always fighting for the machine…….. until next time…………



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2 responses to “Trains

  1. Hi Kristi! I found your blog and I’m in love with your works. Thanks so much for be my secret angel. Kisses

  2. Joy

    Love the trains!!! The quilting turned out fabulous … and Tubby is adorable :o). I have a “helper” too ;o).

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