Thimble’s & Rooster’s

So, I haven’t been doing much lately…… so I thought I’d show you a couple of pictures……On my travels this summer I’ve been collecting thimbles I have a few others but I was going to have to search too much to find them, so these were the lucky ones that got into this post….The wooden object in the back ground is a thimble holder that I bought at a Amish Store in Maynard when I was home visiting my mom……love it……….While I was showing you my collection of thimbles I decided to take a picture of my rooster collection. This is really a small glance at my collection. These are just the one that that I have at work!
I’ve some exciting news to share…………while we were at the quilt festival in LB we were checking out all the long arm machines……….We have decided to purchase the Innova Long Arm Quilting Machine you can check it out at this link …… I’m a little nervous about this purchase …’s a lot of money to dish out for a hobby (?) ………until next time…..take care………..



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2 responses to “Thimble’s & Rooster’s

  1. Please join us quilters, for free! We have over 300 members now.
    niki in mesa, az

  2. Kristi Jo!! We’re Bloggin’ buddies!

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