Going Home!

I was trying to schedule a flight for a co-worker to attend a business trip and decided to check the prices for Minneapolis, and found a great deal on a flight. So… I called my mom to find out what was happening (nothing) talked to my boss to see if I could go, (why not) then called Chris to see if he was going to object, (nope) and lastly my son Brandon to see if he wanted to come along. (Why Not) YEAH!!!!!!!! Nothing like making a decision at the last minute…… we leave on Saturday.

So yesterday I was looking around at what I have made, to see if I should take anything with me. I knew that I had to take my sisters curtains that I made for her sauna room. She picked out the fabric last year. That would be No problem. I had them made already , they just needed to be mailed.

Next I was looking at this embroidery that I did on my sewing machine last summer. I wanted to make a pillow for my niece Dakota. I originally brought this with me last August to finish while I was home and never got around to it. I left the pillow insert with my mom and told her that I would mail it to her when I got it done. (That never Happened) But I got it done last night.

I hope that the pinks match her room! …………. take care………


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