Safe & Sound

Well we made it back from our trip to Laughlin safely. We saw a lot of wonderful looking bikes. This was a Greatful Dead bike. It was pretty cool lots of detail. The weather was pretty decent except for the wind. We had a nice visit with the family also.

When we got home Chris’ Birthday present arrived! He was really excited when I told him what I had bought him but seeing them was even better. They are going to perch on our fence posts. He is already making plans to have them with glowing red eyes and smoke coming out of their mouths. This would only take place when someone came up to the fence. They are pretty cool and he is really happy.

So I’ve been waiting for this to happen and it finally did. My car turned over this morning to lucky for me it happened just when I came up to a red light. So I took a pitcher of it. I wonder how many miles I will get on this car. Hopefully she is good for another 100000. This is the first car that I have owned that the mileage started at 0. …………..Take Care…..


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