Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!

This is really something that I did not need to stumble upon. A month or so ago my son brought me a couple of books that a friend of his was taking over to Bookman’s. Bookman’s is a used book store here in Tucson. Anyways he had a couple of craft books one was a cross-stitch sampler and the other was a book on crewel. I thanked him and look the books over no big deal. Well…… What I didn’t know was that he had a whole box of some more ………. He had a box over at his house sitting outside. I didn’t really pay any attention to it. So a few weeks go by and the box is still sitting there. I kept thinking what is in it. We have had lots of wind, some rain and the box never moves. Well he had a few friends over on Saturday night and one of them stumbled on the box and knocked it over. On Sunday I went to get the newspaper and my curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out what was in that box……….. LOOK WHAT I FOUND INSIDE I have a whole collection of Doll World Magazines and then some. The subscription started in 1978. I have 32 magazines from the 1980’s some from 1990’s and a few from 2000. It was really interesting to browse through them and see how they have changed over the years…………They all have a paper doll section in them that the magazine made into contest until around the 80’s somewhere and then it looks like a artist named Frey made them regularly. I haven’t REALLY looked at all of them. But I browsed through them pretty good. I came across some patterns that the lady who owned them started to create.……..So I guess I’ll most likely make the

“Just Like Mommy” doll. There were a couple of other magazines in there also like this one published from Woman’s Day in 1968. Aren’t the dolls cute!

There also was this magazine in there from 1968 called Women’s household. It had this advertisement in it for this diet You can ‘t see the descriptions very well but I really had a good laugh at the titles. Not to sure that you would see things like this in todays’ magazine….

Here’s one last photo that I’ll show of some of the other random magazines that were in there

…….oh oh and just one more that I got a good laugh at………. ……..look at these hippies. This one is from April of 1979…………….take care………….


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