Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing something great for Easter! We’re just hanging out and enjoying the weekend.  I have a nice ham dinner planned for us.  Since we don’t have any of the grandkids here, there will be no easter egg hunt.    But as usual, I will hide Mr. B’s easter basket and he’ll have to search for it.  Family tradition!  Yeah, he is 22 years old but he still enjoys it.  He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Well here are a couple of things that I got done in the past week I finished block # 3 from Capricorn Quilts.  I also got a few more bibs made. Here are a couple of pictures of them.



I have a few more to get done and will do so this weekend.  I already have them cut I’m just deciding how I want to finish them.  The bias binding tape is really giving me a hard time.  I put a few of them together and threw them in the wash to see what would happen and the results were not good.  So I had to un-sew them in a few places and re-attach the binding.   I thought that I might have a problem and boy was I right.  I would have hated to sell them to my friend, and they fall apart after one wash.  That would not have been very good at all.    Well that’s all for now will post later with some more pictures.  Have fun everyone!!


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