Light Box!


I saw a couple of post on how some of you transfer your designs on to fabric. Well I got to say that my Honey is the best! He was watching me holding the design and fabric to the window to trace the pattern. So after about three day of fiddling around in the garage and a trip to Home Depot he made me this light box. He did have to go back to the drawing board on the first go around because the light he used didn’t reflect. So with a few sheets of aluminum foil adhered to the bottom of the wood surface, all is good. He has some ideas to make it better, but for now it’s wonderful. He made it really big and I can sit and trace all I want.


I’ve gotten behind on my “Baltimore Blues” Block of the Month. I started to get all the pieces ready for Block 2 & 3. Block 2 has 24 small circles that I believe I’m going to have a hard time with. I’m not so sure they are going to look like circles when I get done with them. I’m hoping for the best. Block 3 seems to look like I can get that one done a little faster so I just might jump ahead.


I’ve also been contemplating on how I want to turn the fabric over the edges. I’m thinking that I want to try to use spray starch instead of the glue stick method that I used on the first block. We’ll see…..

I also purchased some fabric and the embroidery thread for the Noah’s Arc BOM. That Lynn has going on. I still want to get some red and green fabric to go along with this pattern. I’m hoping to get the design stitched up this weekend. We’ll see. noahs-ark2.jpg


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