Thrift Store Finds

baby-thrift-2.jpgI was out shopping around today and decided to go into a thrift store, which by the way I do quite often, I found this lovely little doll crib.  They wanted $14.97 for it.  I couldn’t pass it up!  I think that it will make a great gift for my grand daughter.  That is after I get a dolly and make a quilt for it.


I think that I’ll go ahead and make one of these as the doll quilt.  I’ve had these patterns and fabric since last summer when I went home to visit my family.  

The Quilt MN Shop Hop was going on. Everyone in the family took turns driving me around the state.  Thanks everybody.  And if your reading this they are going to have another one this year!  What do you guys think?  Should we do it again?  

 While my sister and I were at Gruber’s quilt shop,  they have a thrift/antique shop in the same plaza.  I found this rooster plate there.  I think that it is a Scandinavian rooster.  Does anybody out in blogland know for sure?  The plate has no stamp on it.


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