You’ve got to LOVE um!

Everybody that knows my son, knows that he struggles along in life. One day… he WILL have it all together… I’m sure of IT. I’m even starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that this really “IS” going to happen. So here is a little story:

My son works at a car dealership in town: On Valentine’s Day my son comes home from work and greets me with “Happy Valentine’s Day Mom!” and gives me a kiss. He lets me know that he had a present for me but that he left it at work. “It’s a license plate holder.” So I ask him “is it really cool, does it say something on it.” “No” he says “it’s used, but I polished it up real nice for you.”

A couple of day go by and I ask him “Did you bring my gift home yet?” (ha ha) “No” he says “I forgot but, I’ll try to remember it tomorrow.” Well I finally got it. Here it is.


It’s really nice. Now we’ll see how many days it take him to put it on my car.


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